Muri Kindi

“. . . a jungle empire on the rise.”

Capital: Baragaht
Ruler: Sartha Oso (A.K.A. The Bronze Orc)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Government: Theocratic Empire
Languages: Murikindian, Orcish, Elvish, Tribal Dialects

in M.E. 983 (current year is M.E. 1007), Sartha Oso unified the lands known Muri Kindi by conquring its tribes one by one. The region has reached a new level of prosperity and is enjoying somewhat of a “Golden Age”. Muri Kindi exists at the southeastern peninsula of the continent, covered in a dense tropical rain-forest that surrounds its mountain range, the Kuresh.

Peace has been good to the people of Muri Kindi, but Sartha Oso grows restless without new lands to absorb into his empire. He has started to form settlements in far-south Gorampa in hopes to extend his power into the Upper Territories. Now, he looks to the lands of his trade allies and plans his next move to create the greatest empire of all time—to liberate all people for the glory of Desna, the goddess of dreams.

After Sartha Oso conquered the small tribes and provinces that occupied the peninsula, he allowed them to retain their cultures, religions, and even gave them seats on the Senate. Although the emperor allows religious freedom, he has made it a personal campaign to spread the worship of Desna and her pantheon of gods. Though the common folk have remained happy and satisfied with the new government, some religious leaders and lingering sects jockey, plot, and scheme for power within the structure of Murikindian society. In addition, there are still some, even after these 24 years, who do not recognize the new government, but hold out in small pockets throughout the region, especially in the mountains, where it is much drier and colder.

Notable Settlements :


Muri Kindi

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