The Age of Algol

Day 1

The Adventure Begins

  • Each member of the Party is drawn to a shady bar in Koris, Zenesh Ahal.
  • There, Barrett and Gripnar fall down a trapdoor where three hellhounds awaited. Ben and Horus got into the basement using their own respective prowess. Thondir was captured in the city and was brought to the bar. Gripnar was knoked unconcious upon landing.
  • The proprietor of the underground coliseum and bar was named Drek. He called them to his chambers and gives them their first quest: To kill 2 demons in Mirr. The demons now possess the bodies of Gripnar’s previous owners.
  • To prove their worth Drek forces the party to fight a Minotaur in his colloseum.
  • They gain 250 XP ea.
  • They buy supplies for travel (12 days worth) and Drek provides them with a horsedrawn cart (uncovered).
  • The set off to cross the desert, traveling to the North towards Mir.
  • They come to a gorge and decide to go down it instead of going around. While descending, the cart falls down into the gorge and an illusion spell is dispelled revealing creatures covered in robes wearing metal masks. They are scattered on top of the cliffs and in the gorge leaving the party surrounded.
  • The cart’s wheels are broken. The horses are crushed to death.
  • The group engages in battle with the bandits. Thondir and Barrett are struck unconscious during the battle . Some of the bandits flee.
  • 1500 XP ea.
  • some slave contracts were found on the warlords.
  • STATUS: Thorin and Barrett are in poor health, all others are in good health. Ben sees slave sleds in the distance. They take the path around the gorge, across a bridge.
night falls and the group makes camp using the wagon to light a fire.
  • Two sleds with the animated corpses of the bandits/slavers appear in the night. Horus burns the bridge to the ground.
  • The team encounters two giant scorpions. 620 XP ea.
  • The team decides to follow Barrett to an outpost North of their location and slightly off the path of their goal. They plan on resting and gathering materials.



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